Time for an update

I can hardly believe that a week has passed since my last post here and am hoping that when I look back I will see that I have achieved more than I think I have.  Looking back at the last post I see that I had just started on the KAS squares.  I did get the three done and here are the photos.

 1. Horseshoe Crab

2. Simple Slip Stitch

3. Butterfly Stitch

As you can see, I unfortunately ran out of green yarn at the end of the last one but hopefully it will look OK once it is incorporated into a multi-coloured blanket.

Next, I completed another block on my KAL blanket.

It is coming along nicely although I find that after one block of garter stitch I am ready for something a bit more interesting.  If I wasn't knitting just one block a week I think I would have given up but really like the effect so am pleased that I thought of doing it a block at a time.  I plan to make a few more blankets this way in future.

I think the main reason I feel as if I have accompanied little this week is because I knitted two pairs of identical mittens (except for the length).  The first pair is for myself both because I wanted a pair and secondly because I wanted to try out the pattern before knitting a second pair as a gift.  They do look better on than they do in the photo :-)

I then caught up on the Battersea Dogs Home blankets, of which the square a day one is really starting to take shape.

You can see the pawprints a bit in this photo and possibly a little better in the photo of the square a week blanket.

My next task on the list was two rows of my CAL blanket.  This really is now, without a doubt, the largest piece of crochet I have ever made and I am extremely pleased with it.  I do think that it is going to take a lot more to finish, though.

Finally (for now) it was back to the KAS squares to bring us full circle and and show that it has been a more productive week than perhaps I thought.  I have completed two square to date and am about halfway up the third.

1. Quilted Reverse Stockinette

2. Twisted Vine Eyelet

And last but not least without any doubt, mention must be made of Bethany's square for KAS.

Well done, Bethany!


  1. You are doing very well with your blocks!

    I'm finding it difficult to keep on knitting this week with all the lovely weather, I'm spending too much time in my garden and not enough knitting!

    Keep on going!
    Fleur x


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