Sunday, 25 March 2012

Time for an update

I can hardly believe that a week has passed since my last post here and am hoping that when I look back I will see that I have achieved more than I think I have.  Looking back at the last post I see that I had just started on the KAS squares.  I did get the three done and here are the photos.

 1. Horseshoe Crab

2. Simple Slip Stitch

3. Butterfly Stitch

As you can see, I unfortunately ran out of green yarn at the end of the last one but hopefully it will look OK once it is incorporated into a multi-coloured blanket.

Next, I completed another block on my KAL blanket.

It is coming along nicely although I find that after one block of garter stitch I am ready for something a bit more interesting.  If I wasn't knitting just one block a week I think I would have given up but really like the effect so am pleased that I thought of doing it a block at a time.  I plan to make a few more blankets this way in future.

I think the main reason I feel as if I have accompanied little this week is because I knitted two pairs of identical mittens (except for the length).  The first pair is for myself both because I wanted a pair and secondly because I wanted to try out the pattern before knitting a second pair as a gift.  They do look better on than they do in the photo :-)

I then caught up on the Battersea Dogs Home blankets, of which the square a day one is really starting to take shape.

You can see the pawprints a bit in this photo and possibly a little better in the photo of the square a week blanket.

My next task on the list was two rows of my CAL blanket.  This really is now, without a doubt, the largest piece of crochet I have ever made and I am extremely pleased with it.  I do think that it is going to take a lot more to finish, though.

Finally (for now) it was back to the KAS squares to bring us full circle and and show that it has been a more productive week than perhaps I thought.  I have completed two square to date and am about halfway up the third.

1. Quilted Reverse Stockinette

2. Twisted Vine Eyelet

And last but not least without any doubt, mention must be made of Bethany's square for KAS.

Well done, Bethany!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

One week later...

Have had quite a busy week when I look back.  The first thing to be finished was the Hello Kitty sweater for Bethany.  The first photo shows the front in progress:

This is the finished sweater:

Here is Bethany trying it on for the first time:

I then had yet another Hello Kitty sweater to knit in yellow for a commission so abandoned all my other projects in order to get it done.  This was more because I was getting tired of intarsia than any other reason.  I did get a couple of rows of crochet done on my CAL blanket and some squares for the dog's home blanket done whilst waiting for the yellow yarn to arrive but started on the sweater as soon as it did.  I finished it today, about 48 hours after I started it so am very pleased with that - and here it is:

This evening I finished the third row of the CAL blanket to make 15 in all:

I am happy with the way it is progressing, but do think now is the moment to reduce the target to 2 rows a week instead of 3 before it becomes a chore due to the time it is now taking to crochet one round.  To make it practical as a throw I reckon I need to do another 15 rows (15 now done) but will wait and see exactly how it comes out.

Finally today I caught up with the two Battersea Dogs Home blanket challenges. The square-a-week one looks quite paltry in comparison with the square-a-day one but that was inevitable.

Just 3 squares on the first

But much more progress on the second.  The photo doesn't show the pawprint detail very well so I shall have to try taking a close up - although you can see a hint of it on the grey square on the top photo.

I did make a start on a lacy square for KAS but have only done about half so no photo yet.  My aim is to knit another 3 altogether since it is a volume challenge this month and then I would like to get a couple of blocks done at least on my KAL blanket.  At the precise moment I can't decide whether or not to finish it completely before starting another project along side it...

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Today I finished the fourth block of my KAL Moderne Log Cabin blanket.  The colour is false being mauve in reality but actually shows as the colour I thought I was buying.  Fortunately I also like the mauve :-)

Also another square for the BDH pawprint blanket:

And three more squares for KAS:

1. Alternating Diagonals

2. Rose Trellis (a personal favourite)

3. Tiny Herringbone

And now to start on Bethany's Hello Kitty sweater - this time in purple.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Crafty Days

First of all, I finished Jessica's Hello Kitty sweater yesterday.  Here is a photo of the sweater:

And here is Jessica wearing it literally seconds after I finished it:

I think she is pleased with it :-)

I kept up with my square challenge for the Paw Print blanket and now have 5 squares knitted for that:

I have also completed the 3 rows for this week on my CAL woolbuster blanket:

I am really pleased with the way this is progressing even if I still had to undo a round at least twice due to a silly mistake.  To be fair, I also worked out the second time that I only needed to undo about half the round.  The whole thing is a learning experience with is mostly enjoyable, but occasionally frustrating.

I have just found mystery CAL on Facebook/Blogger ( and am toying with the idea of giving it a try but wondering if that will be one project too many.  Watch this space for my decision :-)

Meanwhile, I have been working on the fourth block of my KAL Moderne Log Cabin blanket and done 26 garter stitch ridges out of 66.  I'm liking the way that is turning out, too.  No photo until the block is finished which hopefully will be sometime tomorrow.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

More Squares

As planned, I have knitted two more squares for my daily challenge Paw Print Blanket.

And made a good start on Jessica's Hello Kitty sweater.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Lots of squares to share today.  The first is the results of the addition of 3 rows to my CAL blanket:

The second, and more of an oblong, is the addition to my KAL Log Cabin blanket:

Next I knitted a series of 3 squares for KAS:

1. Broken Rib with a Twist

2. Little Chevrons

3. Herringbone Rib

All 3 will soon be wending their way to South Africa where they will be sewn into blankets for AIDS orphans.

Last, but not least, a pattern from Whodunnknit for a blanket for Battersea Dog's Home.  If anyone is reading this and is interested, I had the idea of doing a Knit ALong and have started two projects of my own, one with the aim of knitting one square a week and the second, since the squares are quite small, one square a day.  Both in memory of Ben.  Here is the picture of the completed blanket (complete with appreciative dog who, as a matter of fact, does remind me a bit of Ben):

and here is my first square:

I did knit two since I was starting both projects, but both are in the same yarn so there is little point in publishing 2 photos the same.

Last but not least, not a square, I started Jessica's Hello Kitty sweater this afternoon and have managed to complete the motif now this evening.  Unfortunately the boring tidying up and sewing in of ends is still to be done but with it being almost midnight now that part is going to have to wait until tomorrow - as will the photo(s).

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Goodbye old friend

Not at all connected to knitting, I had to say goodbye to a good and faithful companion last Sunday, February 26th.  My Staffie, Ben, was put to sleep at the age of 12 years and 8 months.  Old age finally got the better of him and having had problems with one knee almost all his life, his other back leg could no longer hold him and he could only manage a step or two before collapsing.  The end came quickly and easily for him.  I am left with some lovely memories of the most loving dog I have ever known.

Life goes on for the rest of us and I finished the cardigan I have been knitting for a commission yesterday evening.
The photo does not do justice to the intricate shaping and eyelet detail but I don't really have the facilities at present to display it better.

I also won a takeaway on  Thanks, Diana - it was nice to get some good news :-)

Now I'm working on my CAL blanket, with a 3 row target set for this week; followed by my KAL blanket where I will knit the 3rd section.  I am then going to knit a couple of squares for KAS for their March challenge before starting Jessica's Hello Kitty sweater.  Olivia's has been much admired and Jessica, of course, is eager for hers.  It means sizing up the basic sweater pattern but that shouldn't be too difficult and good practice for Bethany's which will need to be a size larger again.