Friday, 24 February 2012

Hello Kitty

My main project these past few days has been Olivia's Hello Kitty sweater.  I started it at 3pm on Monday afternoon; went out to work 15 minutes later; and when I came back in an hour later Olivia (age 3) asked me if I had finished it yet!!!  She did desperately want it finished and especially to wear to her friend's house yesterday afternoon so I clicked away and got it finished on Thursday evening for her.  Here she is wearing it over her nightdress on Friday morning.
I especially like this photo because Ben is standing next to her with his sweater on - and I honestly did not set it up.  Anyone who has worked with children and animals will have no trouble at all believing that statement :-)

Yesterday I managed to fit in 3 rows of crochet on my CAL Woolbuster blanket:

AND knitted the second block of my KAL log cabin blanket:
It is looking a bit dark at the moment but I have charted it out and am happy that the other two colours (oyster and litmus) will lift it.

Finally, I knitted the swatch for the commission I am now working on:
I just love the yarn.  Officially there is a March deadline for the finished cardigan but that has been extended since I only got the yarn sent to me yesterday.  I am, however, going to try and get it done as quickly as possible.   I am out all day today on a training course for my new job at the Eastern Activity Scheme but have high hopes for the rest of the weekend ;-)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Catching Up

I've been somewhat busy this past week (almost) and have neglected this as a result.  Fortunately I have managed to fit in quite a lot of knitting still.  First I completed the tunic with fair isle yoke that I had been working on.
The finished tunic

Close up of the yoke

Close up of the fair isle pattern

Following this, I completed the first block of the moderne log cabin blanket I am working on as part of a KAL (Knit ALong).
The first block and the other yarns I am going to use

Then I started on a Hello Kitty sweater, the first of three, for my grand-daughters.  This one is for the youngest, Olivia, since I am going to have to scale up the basic sweater pattern for at least one, if not both of the others.  I started this on Monday afternoon and showed Olivia the green wool (each have been given a choice of background and dress and bow colours).  After completing about 8 rows I had to go out to work.  When I came back about an hour later Olivia said 'Have you finished knitting my Hello Kitty jumper yet, grandma?'  And I thought I was quite a quick knitter :-)

Work in progress on the Hello Kitty sweater

No photos yet, but I have completed the front and all but finished the back and hoping for a good day working on it today - not too many extra things to do today, I hope.  Wish me luck :-)

Friday, 17 February 2012

A bit of crochet for a change

I am busy knitting a tunic with a fair isle yoke for myself and am not posting photos yet since they would not be very interesting.  The body and the sleeves are worked in stocking stitch and I am about halfway up the second sleeve.  I am hoping to start on the patterned yoke later today.  It will also have two patterned patch pockets which will add interest to the finished article.

Meanwhile I have decided to take part in a Crochet ALong (CAL) on Ravelry and completed the first week's working this morning - yes, in the early hours.  I might as well make good use of my insomnia.  Here are the results:
Called the Wool Buster Blanket, it should make a decent dent in my stash - allowing room for new purchases, of course :-)  I am looking forward to seeing how it grows and progresses - and if I stick with it.  Meanwhile, back to the knitting... (or even some sleep?).

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Not bad for a day's work

I spent today working on the February Knit-a-square challenge.  There were 3 themes this month, so I decided to knit one for each.  First...
                                                  French Lace; second...

                                               Tooty Frooty; and thirdly...


Following on from yesterday, Chloe loves her tunic and here is a picture of her wearing it:

Tunic for Chloe

I have had a very busy week with other things, so not posted with updates.  However, I finished this tunic for Chloe yesterday and am very pleased with how it has turned out.  The best part is that Chloe likes it too - and she is not a fan of hand knitting :)))

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cable Dress

Here is the finished dress.  Hopefully it will look as nice on but very pleased with the finished article so far.  Now to start on a dress for Chloe - but more on that tomorrow since just done a few rows of rib this evening.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Knitting in the round

This photo shows the start of the first sleeve, which I have now finished along with the back and the front.  So, just one more sleeve and the neckband left to go.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Something is better than nothing

It ended up being one of those busy days today when I didn't get much knitting done but did at least get a few rows in at the end of the day.  Here's hoping for better progress tomorrow.

Thursday, 2 February 2012


More of my day later, but before I forget I wanted to mention a great giveaway I have found on another blog  Looks as if there are some lovely patterns and ideas.  
That was this morning and here is the photo of how far I have got by this evening.  In matter of fact I have reached the armholes and it is getting increasingly difficult to find a space on which to put the garment to take a photo :-)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

It's growing

Comparison of this with yesterday's photo does show the progress I have made today and I am very pleased.  Knitting in the round makes the progress appear slower but it is good to know that I have completed the back as well as the front to this point AND I won't have long seams to sew up once I have finished the knitting.  I love the colour (which is false in the photos - I will have to take one in natural light, I suspect) and the pattern.